October 12, 2023

Embracing Energy Efficiency

A Guide to Upgrading Your Windows

Have you ever felt that persistent draft creeping into your home, causing you to shiver on cold winter nights? Or do you dread receiving your monthly energy bill, watching it climb higher and higher? If so, outdated windows might be the culprits behind your discomfort and rising costs. The solution is to consider upgrading to modern impact windows– a choice that can help you preserve conditioned air, block unwanted heat, and ultimately trim those energy expenses.


The Battle Against Air Leaks

Older window styles, like single hung and awnings, often come with inherent design flaws that worsen over time. These design quirks create gaps and cracks that compromise the insulation of your home. Dust, humidity, bugs, and even noise can sneak in through these tiny openings. Consequently, your HVAC system is left working overtime to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.


The Modern Solution 

Modern impact windows have come a long way with their innovative sealing techniques. They employ multi-point locks and high-quality weatherstripping to eliminate drafts and air leaks. This not only guarantees a quieter ambiance but also boosts your home's energy efficiency. Impact glass, known for its strength, can serve as a shield, reflecting harmful UV rays, while offering excellent insulation to maintain optimal temperatures. Reach out for more info

When impact windows are securely closed, they create a barrier that traps conditioned air inside your home. By reducing leaks and avoiding solar heat gain, your HVAC system can finally take a breather. Your electricity bills will reflect the savings, and you'll enjoy a more consistent and comfortable living space.


The Importance of Proper Installation

While the quality of the windows is crucial, the installation process plays an equally vital role. A reputable installation service, like Blue Diamond Impact, takes extra precautions to ensure that your living space remains clean and dust-free during the window replacement.

Our team takes pride in covering the inside of your home with plastic sheeting to prevent dust from affecting your living space. For those concerned about allergies, we offer the option to seal off rooms, creating a pristine "clean room" environment.

To guarantee maximum efficiency, we employ commercial-grade caulking and sealants approved for home exteriors on every window. Additionally, we meticulously caulk each screw hole to completely seal the window frame. Attention to such details ensures that no gaps or cracks compromise the effectiveness of your new windows.


The Benefits of Upgrading

Investing in replacing your outdated windows will help you save money on energy bills. One of our customers who upgraded their windows experienced a remarkable 30% drop in their annual electricity costs – equivalent to over $1,500 in savings!

But it's not only about the financial gains. It’s about improving your overall quality of life. Say goodbye to that stifling heat in summer. Your home will maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature with reduced runtime from your HVAC system. No more temperature fluctuations due to leaky windows!


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Upgrade your windows and embrace a more cost-effective and comfortable living environment. Your family and your budget will thank you.